About the Database

'Government Terms Translated' is a database of terms related to policies and operations of the Singapore Government. Translated into Chinese, Malay and Tamil, the terms include the names of ministries, statutory boards, organisations, government programmes and schemes, street names as well as MRT/LRT station names.

The database aims to maintain consistency in the translation of these terms. We hope you will find the database useful when researching Government-related terms translated into Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

We constantly review and update the database with new terms to make it as relevant and as accurate as possible.

We welcome your feedback on how it can be improved to serve your needs better.

'Government Terms Translated' is maintained by the Translation Department under the Public Communications Division, Ministry of Communications and Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What languages can I search in?

You can search for terms in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. For Chinese, you may search using Chinese characters or Hanyu Pinyin.

2. How do I key in the terms?

If you are keying a term in English, please select English in the “From” field and enter the term in the search box. If you are keying a term in Chinese, please select “Chinese”. The same applies to searches in Malay and Tamil.

3. How do I select the languages I want for the search results?

Go to the “To” field and select the language you want to search for. You can select English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil.

4. How do I search in Hanyu Pinyin?

Key the letters in lower case without indicating the tones, leaving a space after every word. For example, "wai jiao bu zhang", not "waijiao buzhang".

5. How do I search for related terms?

You can search for related terms by selecting the relevant category you are searching for. Then, click the search icon to generate the list of terms belonging to that category. For example, if you would like to search for terms related to transport, you may wish to start by selecting the category of “Ministry of Transport” and clicking the search icon. The list of terms under the Ministry of Transport will then be generated.

6. Why can't I find the Malay and Tamil translations of street names? 

There are no Malay and Tamil translations of street names as a number of them are transliterated from Malay or Tamil. This will also avoid confusion over certain street names. For example, Jalan Bukit Merah and Redhill Road are two existing roads at two different locations. This is also the case for Buffalo Road and Kerbau Road, which are the same Tamil Translation but are two different existing roads.

7. How do I give feedback? 

We welcome any suggestions to enhance the database to serve your agency and the public better. You may write in to MCI_Translation_Services@mci.gov.sg with the subject line beginning with "[GTTD Feedback]".